Frequently Asked Questions

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Vision Energy & Power Pvt. Ltd. (VEPL) is registered at Office of Company Registration on Shrawan 2, 2073 with registration no 151997/073/074 and also registered at Inland Revenue Department on Shrawan 7, 2073 with PAN No. 604286558. 

Various professionals and well experienced persons have united together and come up with a concept of establishing this company, which will invest in energy producing companies and construct energy related project itself.

We have 7 members in Board of Directors. Authorized capital is Rs. 5 Crore and it will be increased as per the requirement.

Required Commercial Operation Date (RCOD)  is  Bhadra 2, 2080 B.S. i.e. August 19, 2023 A.D.

PPA was done on Falgun 28 , 2074 B.S under Take or Pay model with Nepal Electricity Authority.

Financial Closure has already been completed on Poush 29 , 2076 B.S with consortium of 9 Banks under the lead of Machhapuchhre Bank and co-lead of Himalayan Bank.

Debt Equity Ratio is 75:25% which means 75% of debt and 25% of equity.

Current status of the project is available on the website .Please click the link for detail project progress report