The interaction program was organized in Indreni banquet, New Baneshwor on 17th Poush 2076. Leading shareholders were informed and invited for the program through E-mail, SMS, and phone. 35 leading shareholders and invitees excluding the employees of VEPL were present in the program.

The interaction program had begun at 2:30 PM. The program had chaired by Mr. T. N. Acharya, Chairman of VEPL. He had explained about the progress, challenges, bottlenecks and opportunities of the project. He presented future plans and strategies about the equity injection in the program.

Various leading shareholders including Mr. Rajesh Kumar Shrestha, Mr. Umesh Shrestha, Mrs. Madhu Devkota, Mr. Dipak Timsina, Mr. Ram Chandra Sharma had presented their views about the project in the program. Through discussion and interaction, progress of the company was considered satisfactory. Majority of the participants spoke about the challenges of the project and importance of fund for the timely completion of the project. During the discussion and interaction in the program, following alternatives were identified for the raising of fund:

  • Speed Up the collection of fund through existing shareholders,
  • Prioritize existing shareholders to increase their commitment,
  • Add new selective shareholders

Majority of the shareholders suggested raising the fund through existing shareholders.