About Organization

With the slogan "Energy for the prosperity of the Nation", various professionals, investors and well experienced individuals have united together and come up with a concept of establishing this company, Vision Energy and Power Ltd (VEPL). VEPL is based on strong foundations of Corporate Governance and work culture.

VEPL invests in energy producing companies (through small or medium scale projects by using alternative sources of energy such as water, wind, solar power, biogas) and construct energy related project itself.

Currently, VEPL is aiming to develop Nupche Likhu hydropower project (57.5 MW) at Umakunda RM, Ramechhhap using water of Nupche Khola and Likhu Khola. The gross head estimate is 1002 meter which counts within top 20th in the world based on head and design discharge is 7.11 m3/sec. It has already achieved its PPA (Power Purchase Agreement), financial closure completed, EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) completed and generation license obtained and is strongly moving ahead to complete the project within the stipulated time.